Harmany Djs is a well rounded entertainment company . Mark Harman (Master Entertainment Director ) can Emcee, beat mix, teach a trendy line dance, or just sit back and let the music fill the air. He knows when to bring the party to a peak and when to tone it down. He has this ability due to the fact that he listens to the clients wants and needs and projects them onto the event smoothly, In essence bringing “Harmany” to the event.

Mark has been DJing since the Early 90s at different nightclubs up & down the east coast. In 2005 after he, himself became married and started a family of his own, was able to transform his passion into a Full time profession .

In 2008 Harmany DJs expanded to be able to provide Event Productions for up to 15k (to be able to handle larger corporations/ concerts) which would include flown sound & lighting rigs.

Mark is an honest and fair minded person that also wants to make his clients FEEL like they are getting 150% of his attention and that never falters, from the initial contacts up until the day of the event and even years after.

He  has branched out through the music industry and is at this time The Only DJ that is sponsored by a Record Label for Rock Band . Whether it is the Wii, PS4, or Xbox-one we have games for the younger crowds (or the young at heart).

Mark joined the ADJA (American Disc Jockey Association) in 2006 and was a founding member of the Washington DC chapter  and elected to the position of Program Director, Secretary and Social Media Director during his tenure.and to this day is still learning new and exciting ways of how to improve the quality of his events while helping to build a Strong local support network of DJs, Emcees & Entertainers.

In 2012 he was asked to help form and become the Chapter Director for the Culpeper, Madison and Orange Chapter of  VAWE (Virginia Wedding & Event Network)Their mission is to help bring awareness to the local companies and services that can benefit from working together to bring them in the forefront when looking into booking events in the more localized areas.

In 2014, Mark joined with Donna Britton Bukevicz and Ross Orenstein of “Team Green World” a local non profit organization who’s mission is “to provide education through fun & inviting musical messages in environmental issues, sciences and causes”. He currently is providing the sound for their events as well as starting up their remix division under the moniker of “Mixxed Up Green”.